O arquiteto Richard Neutra e a Desert House representam o 2o vídeo da série "Casas Arquitetos Emblemáticos". At its best, modernism produced poetically beautiful buildings whose spare simplicity belied their sophisticated design. Desert House Party A poolside party at a desert house, designed by Richard Neutra for Edgar J. Kaufmann, in Palm Springs, January 1970. Edgar Kaufmann Jr, who became an architectural historian, donated the interior and its furniture to the museum in 1974. See more ideas about desert homes, richard neutra, modern architecture. Horizontal planes resting on horizontal planes hover over transparent walls. A perfect example of mid-century modernism, the Kaufmann Desert House is for sale. modern_fred has uploaded 4397 photos to Flickr. Featured in the group are: industrial designer Raymond Loewy (1893 - 1986, centre, standing), Nelda Linsk (in yellow), wife of art dealer Joseph Linsk, and Helen Dzo Dzo (second from right). Dec 1, 2016 - Explore darci pappano's board "Kaufmann Desert House", followed by 151 people on Pinterest. The Kaufmann Desert House designed by Richard Neutra—which many regard as one of the most iconic homes of the 20th century—recently hit the market for $25 million. View the listing for the Kaufmann desert house on FT Property Listings, here. His process centered on client requirements and he spent time researching their real needs and wants in order to ensure a design outcome that was functionally and aesthetically suited to these requirements. kaufmann desert house, richard neutra’s 1946 modernist masterpiece in palm springs, california, is currently up for sale for $25m. Kaufmann House Peek at Richard Neutra’s masterpiece of steel, glass, and stone In the late 1940s, architect Richard Neutra designed this vacation home for the Kaufmann family—clearly no slouches when it came to architecture, since they also commissioned … Former fashion model Helen Dzo Dzo Kaptur (in white lace) and Nelda Linsk (in yellow), wife of art dealer Joseph Linsk, at the Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs, California, January 1970. Daniel Solomon for Vista Sotheby’s International Realty. Lita Baron and Helen Dzo Dzo are among the guests. Incastonata nel deserto californiano, la Kaufmann Desert House è considerata una pietra miliare dell’architettura del XX secolo. DAN SOLOMON. 27 Love 878 Visits Published 10/22/2020 January 1970: The Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs, California, designed by Richard Neutra in 1946 for businessman Edgar J. Kaufmann and now owned by Nelda Linsk (right, in yellow). Set on a 2.5-acre parcel in sun-soaked Palm Springs, the five-bedroom home was completed in 1948 for department store magnate Edgar J. Kaufmann, who also commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design the famed Fallingwater … Kaufmann Desert House Commentary "The Kaufmann house, Palm Springs, 1946, moved in the direction of the pavilion, which is Neutra's last development in domestic architecture. The Kaufmann House (or Kaufmann Desert House) is a house located in Palm Springs, California, that was designed by architect Richard Neutra in 1946. Immortalized by Slim Aarons in the iconic 1970 photo Poolside Gossip, the Kaufmann Desert House is one of modernist architect Richard Neutra’s most well-known works. The Kaufmann Desert House, located at 470 West Vista Chino in Palm Springs, has listed for $25 million, the Wall Street Journal reported. Kaufmann House is private and it’s never been known to allow visitors. By Joyce Che n. October 19, 2020. Kaufmann Desert House Palm Springs / United States / 1946. love loved unlove 27. Microsoft est susceptible de recevoir des commissions si vous réalisez un achat après avoir cliqué sur un lien de cet article. Kaufmann House (o Kaufmann Desert House) es una casa ubicada en Palm Springs, California, que fue diseñada por el arquitecto Richard Neutra en 1946.. Fue uno de los últimos proyectos domésticos diseñados por Richard Neutra, pero también es posiblemente uno de sus hogares más arquitectónicamente notables y famosos. Located at 470 West Vista Chino in Palm Springs, California, this masterpiece of architecture was designed to connect residents and visitors to the beautiful surrounding desert, letting the outside in and vice versa. The Kaufmann Desert House in California's Palm Springs was built in 1946 based on renowned architect Richard Neutra's modernist design after being commissioned by a Pittsburgh businessman. Unfortunately, only glimpses of it can be seen from the street including its famous ‘gloriette’ roof deck. The Kaufmann Desert House—once home to singer singer Barry Manilow—is listed at $25 million. Slim Aarons prints are … Richard Neutra's famous Kaufmann Desert House, a Midcentury marvel in Palm Springs, is aiming for the city's all-time price record: $25 million. A vendre, l’iconique Kaufmann Desert House de Richard Neutra 11. It was one of the last large-commission domestic projects designed by Richard Neutra, but it is also arguably one of his most architecturally noteworthy and famous homes. The Kaufmann House was built by Austrian-born architect Richard Neutra for Edgar J Kaufmann – an American department store entrepreneur – … However, it’s highly unlikely the sale will best the Coachella Valley’s top price of $42.9 million that property collecting billionaire Larry Ellison paid in 2011 for the 240-acre Porcupine Creek estate in Rancho Mirage, which he now plans to convert to an elite private resort . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaufmann_House_(Palm_Springs) It’s quite possible Kaufmann Desert House will blow that record out of the desert sands. It will be the only Wright interior outside the US; architecture as museum piece and a testament to a client who kept getting it right. The five-bedroom, six-bathroom home is a midcentury lover's dream, with as many photo-worthy spots indoors as there are on the pool deck. The Linsks are the current owners of the house. The Desert Kaufmann House offers indoor-outdoor living at its finest. Nov 11, 2014 - Explore modern_fred's photos on Flickr. kaufmann desert house by richard neutra In the late 1940s Richard Neutra proposed an architecture in the Kaufmann House that delivered on all three above elements.